27. November 2012

Publikationen in jüngster Zeit

Unsere Publikationen aus den letzten Monaten:


Steffen Wendzel: Tunnel und verdeckte Kanäle im Netz, 1. Auflage, Springer-Vieweg, 2012.


Steffen Wendzel: "Verdeckte Kommunikation in Gebäuden. Analyse der Gefahren und eine Middleware-basierte Gegenmaßnahme", BusSysteme Magazin, 03/2012, S. 182-183, 2012.

Wissenschaftliche Publikationen:

Steffen Wendzel, Jörg Keller: Preventing Protocol Switching Covert Channels, In: International Journal On Advances in Security, vol. 5 no. 3&4, IARIA, 2012.

Peter Backs, Steffen Wendzel, Jörg Keller: Dynamic Routing in Covert Channel Overlays Based on Control Protocols,  International Workshop on Information Security, Theory and Practice (ISTP-2012) in conjunction with The 7th International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions (ICITST-2012), IEEE, London, UK, 2012.

Steffen Wendzel, Benjamin Kahler, Thomas Rist: Covert Channels and their Prevention in Building Automation Protocols - A Prototype Exemplified Using BACnet, 2nd Workshop on Security of Systems and Software Resiliency, in Proc. 2012 IEEE Int. Conf. on Green Computing and Communications, Conf. on Internet of Things, and Conf. on Cyber, Physical and Social Computing, pp. 731-736, Besançon, France, IEEE, 2012.

Steffen Wendzel, Sebastian Zander: Detecting Protocol Switching Covert Channels, 37th IEEE Conf. on Local Computer Networks (LCN), pp. 280-283, Clearwater, Florida, 2012.

Steffen Wendzel, Jörg Keller: Systematic Engineering of Control Protocols for Covert Channels, In Proc. 13th Joint IFIP TC6 and TC11 Conference on Communications and Multimedia Security (CMS 2012), LNCS 7394, B. De Decker, D.W. Chadwick (Eds.), pp. 131-144, Kent (Great Britain), 2012.

Steffen Wendzel: Covert and Side Channels in Buildings and the Prototype of a Building-aware Active Warden, In Proc. First IEEE International Workshop on Security and Forensics in Communication Systems (SFCS 2012), Ottawa, Canada, pp. 8339-8344, 2012.